Hematuria Common Ailments of the Urinary System Causes & Treatment

Common Ailments of the Urinary System

This section contains the details of six most commonly complained diseases affecting the human urinary system. The details include the symptoms, causes, dietary and other regimens as well as the treatments (Ayurvedic and general) of the following six ailments:

(1) Hematuria;
(2) Urinary Tract stones;
(3) Prostate enlargement;
(4) Nephritis;
(5) Burning urine; and
(6) The bed wetting syndrome.

Let’s analyze them.


The Ayurvedic terminology for Hematuria is Adhoga rakta pitta. Hematuria pertains to the syndrome when blood passes in the urine. In extreme cases, the patient may pass only blood while urinating.

Hematuria Causes

The primary cause of Hematuria is either infection in the genitor-urinary tract. It can also happen due to the presence of stones in the tract. Other causes include various haemorrhage states.

Follow a strict regimen

First and foremost, the patient must totally abstain from sexual intercourse;

Second, avoid spicy food items.

Dietary Roster

  1. Drink plenty of water;
  2. Regularly have Amalaki and pomegranate irrespective of whether they are in the raw forms or in other forms;
  3. Daily drink two glasses of juices prepared from white pumpkin and sugarcane;
  4. In fact, the patient must consume as much of white pumpkin as he can;
  5. The patient’s menu should include moong dal, mutton soup, wheat and old rice;
  6. While preparing the vegetables for the patient, ensure that it contains all or any of the following items: Drumstick, bitter gourd, Patola; and green banana.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Hematuria

Ayurveda has three ideal medications for patients suffering from Hematuria. These are Shilajit, Guduchi and Gokshura.


Shilajit is generally given to patients in the winter season. It is quite effective against Hematuria during this part of the season.

The dose: One teaspoonful needs to be mixed with lukewarm milk and taken twice daily.

Guduchi Sattva

Guduchi sattva is a commonly prescribed medication for Hematuria patients. It is a starch prepared from the juice of the Guduchi plant. The soft leaves as well as the stem of the plant are utilized for extracting the juice.

Preparation process: One teaspoonful of the starch should to be mixed with lukewarm milk or water.

The dose: The patient should have the powder thrice daily. One can also have 30 ml. of the juice thrice daily.


Gokshura is another popular medication prescribed for Hematuria patients. It is a powder prepared from the Gokshura seeds. This medication is also available as a decoction.

The dose: One teaspoon of the powder should be mixed with honey and taken twice daily. Otherwise, 50 ml. of the decoction can also be taken twice daily.

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