Morning rules To Be Obtained for Ayurvedic Ailments


The morning hours are very precious for living organisms; and more so is the case with mankind. This is primarily because the air is crisp and full of oxygen. One gets up from a good night’s refreshing sleep. The body is relaxed and the mind is fresh.

Besides, there are very little noise and air pollutions. The serene atmosphere is ideal for the yogic breathing (Pranayama) exercises and after that especially for meditation. (Check our yoga website for the details).

Hence, one should always the opportunity of this God-given opportunity to tone up the body, rejuvenate it, augment blood circulation, breath in unadulterated oxygenated air and begin the day with a positive bent of mind.

Ayurveda recommends the wee hours (before dawn) as the ideal time for getting up from bed. It is considered an auspicious time.

Here are the Ayurveda tips to begin the day with the right bent of mind and a vigorous physique:

After you wake up, gradually take 10 deep breaths in the normal pace.

Then slowly stretch your limbs in the bed itself. Take rest for about 15 seconds. This is the time for you to organize the day’s program. Make a mental mapping of the assignments for the day.

Condition your mind to think that all the assignments will deliver the goods.

(In fact, banish forever all negative thoughts. Make this a habit!)

After finalizing the roster, again take three deep normal breaths and arise.

Wash your face and limbs. Have a mouthful of water and splash moderately water into your eyes. Do this thrice. Your eyes will feel refreshed. Rub your eyelids and give a tender massage to your closed eyes. The eyeballs will be invigorated.

Drink at least three glasses of water.

Gulp down three-four grains of washed rice with each glass of water. Do this daily. It checks constipation, flatulence and acidity. Further, it also smooth passing of urine. You will also arrest chances of stones forming in the urinary tract. Moreover, even if you have to skip lunch for some reason, the rice grains will ensure that you do not suffer from gastric symptoms.

Many people take bed tea. However, try to kick away this habit. The reflex action produced by drinking hygienic drinking water is beneficial to your health whereas the other is not! Water produces pressure, stimulates the intestines to normally start the bowel movement. Cold water is also a very good tonic for the body.

However, if you are suffering from sore throat, cough, or cold, don’t take cold water early in the morning. Instead, go for lukewarm water.

On the other hand, tea is hot. It strongly stimulates the intestines. This stimulating effect gets lost as bed-tea becomes a habit. This ultimately leads to constipation. Moreover, the caffeine content of tea or coffee kicks off several adverse effects on the stomach glands

After drinking cold water, you will feel the natural tendency to evacuate the bowels. Immediately initiate the motion.

Then brush your teeth. Also scrap your tongue. The toothbrush and the tongue scrapper must be always soft. Prior to using them always wash them in clean water.

For brushing the teeth, one can also use twig of a babul tree or a neem tree or for that matter the twig of any tree which is astringent.

The taste must be bitter or pungent, though. Use your teeth to crush the top portion of the twig. Chew till the crushed portion becomes soft. The gums will not be affected adversely. Such Ayurvedic means prevents bad breath, cleans the gums and teeth, kills germs and removes tastelessness. The dirt latent in the mouth, teeth and tongue is removed.

If any pungent juice proceeds to your tummy while brushing, it is good. It will clean the tummy as well.

Brush the teeth from all directions. First the front portion, then the back portions and finally the gums and the tongue. Brush softly in a clockwise and then in an anti-clockwise direction. If there are adamant remnants of any food particles, ensure to bring them out from between the teeth. Flush your mouth several times.

Finally have a refreshing bath preferably in cold water. Those in cold climate can have the desired lukewarm water for bathing.

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