Perfumes, Apparel & Diet an Ayurvedic Ailments


The practice of using perfumes and that of wearing garlands have been part and parcel of the age-old customs among people in all communities. Both augment the personality of the wearer. Scents or perfumes are ideal aphrodisiacs as well. Lingering body perfumes are attractive for opposite sexes. Garlands made of flower have been in use since olden times. They are used to welcome guests in many Asian countries. Garlands also symbolize a sacrosanct bond. These are used to symbolize the marital bond between couples as well.

Both perfumes and garlands enhance charm and longevity. They are pleasing to the mind and invigorating.


In modern times, apparel code is an important means to identify professionalism and also groups. Different professions and community-gathering call for specific apparel codes. Know which dress to wear when.

Remember, your dresses need not be an expensive one; what matters is its style and quality. In apparel code, the footwear is also included. Wear those clothes which are clean. The clothes proclaim your personality. You can also have your typical dress code which then becomes your hallmark.


The food you eat determines your health. It is also the pivot around which the mind and the mental wellbeing are largely dependent upon.

Regular consumption of non-vegetarian hot and spicy food makes a person temperamental and impulsive. Such diet turns on the heat of the body. Such people get turned on easily as well. Their sexual lives are also more violent.

On the other hand, vegetarian people are healthier. They are more balanced, mentally. Vegetarian meals keep the body temperature within the reasonable limits. Their mind, libido and general health are within the limits.

Consumption of a well-balanced diet having the calories required and the vitamins as well as the minerals ensure a healthy physique.

Draw up your dietary menu and include more of leafy vegetables, cereals, and fresh fruits. If you must have non-vegetarian items, have them occasionally. Don’t go for artificially flavoured or fast foods. These have harmful effects on the physique. In the long run, one tends to have flatulence, and many other ailments particularly of the tummy. Left uncared, these ailments can degenerate into major diseases affecting important organs of the body.

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