Smoking Ayurvedic cigars to cures many ailments


Good news for smokers: Ayurveda prescribes many cigars. But, these do not have any tobacco or narcotics. These cigars are prepared from medications made from vegetables.

Such Ayurvedic cigars leave beneficial effects on the body and the mind of the smokers. Smoking such cigars cures many ailments; Mention may be made of hypersomnia, fainting, drowsiness, sneezing, hair falling, greying of hair, alopecia, uvulitis, tonsillitis, impaired voice, excessive salvation, paleness of face, various infections, pruritis, torticollis, lock jaw, anorexia, toothache, bad mouth breath, purulent nasal smell, discharges from malfunctioning nose, ear and eyes, teeth weakness, throat obstruction, dyspnoea, hiccups, coughs, pain in eyes, earache, hemicrania, rhinitis, headache and even heaviness in the head.

Ayurveda prescribes habitual smoking eight times. These are after tongue scrapping, teeth brushing, application of collyrium, inhalation of any medicated materials, sneezing, bathing, eating and even after waking up.


Ayurveda stipulates the ideal study code. These are the simple tips one should follow while carrying on studies.

First and foremost, the study place should be free from sound pollution.

Secondly, one should study only when there is adequate light. The table light should always be kept on the4 left side of the table at a comfortable distance from the book.

Third, maintain a fixed daily schedule for carrying on studies.

Fourth, prior to commencing studies condition your mind to concentrate on the subject matter you wish to take up. This can be done through the yogic meditation postures.

Fifth, invigorate your physique by practising the yogic breathing exercises (Pranayama).

Six, one should correctly and distinctly pronounce the words while reading anything.

Seven, the accents should be with the proper morphological symmetry.

Eight, maintain a normal decibel (volume). It should neither be too loud or too hoarse.

Nine, don’t study if you are fagged out. Instead, take rest. You can relax your entire body in the Savasana posture.

Last but not the least, the proper way to memorize anything is to make a mental mapping of the topic.

You can invent your typical formula to remember anything. The best and the easiest means is the alphabetical order.

Another tactic of memorizing is to break up a long tract into several smaller parts and then recite the tracts even as you write them down several times.

Next, test yourself by closing the text and writing down the just memorized portion. After that, check it out with the original tract.

Finally, move to the next tract if the first attempt has borne the fruits.

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