Schizophrenia “chronic mental disorder” treatment, causes, symptoms

In Ayurveda, Schizophrenia is termed as Unmada. Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder. Schizophrenia is characterised by delusion and hallucination. Schizophrenia is generally witnessed in people in their advanced stages. But, young people can also suffer from this condition.

Schizophrenia Causes

The primary causes of Schizophrenia are mental and psychic strain and stress.

Besides, one can suffer from Schizophrenia if one is not regular in having one’s meals.

Constipation can also lead to Schizophrenia. In fact, constipation aggravates the Schizophrenia symptoms.

Schizophrenia Symptoms

The symptoms and signs of Schizophrenia vary according to the types of the ailment. However, the commonly occurring symp*toms of Schizophrenia are insomnia; a sudden and drastic change in one’s nature which is violent as well as irritable; and acting or talking incoherently.

Dietary Regimen

  • Such persons should regularly have saffron mixed with warm milk;
  • They should also have butter, ghee and milk (only of cow);

What not to eat

  • Avoid all forms of astringent and pungent food items;
  • Similarly, the patient should not be tendered fried things;
  • Don’t take beans and pulses as well.

Other important points

  • The best treatment for patients suffering from Schizophrenia is psycho-therapy. It addresses the psychic aspects of the patients.
  • The conditions that induce the psychic conditions must be identified and eliminated.
  • The patient should be kept in a homely and happy environment.
  • The patient should regularly practise the yogic meditation and the breathing exercises (pranayamas).

Ayurvedic Treatments

The effective Ayurveda treatment for the Schizophrenic patients is the Dhara therapy. The Ayurvedic medications are Vatakulantaka rasa, Sarpagandha, Vacha, and Jatamansi.

Sarpagandha, Vacha and Jatamansi

Sarpagandha, Vacha, and Jatamansi are ideal for inducing a tranquil state of mind in the patient. These medications come in a powdery form.

The dose: One teaspoonful of the three ingredients (as a compound form) needs to be mixed with cold water or milk. One can also have each ingredient individually or separately.

Vatakulantaka Rasa

Vatakulantaka rasa is prepared with mercury in the purified or conditioned state.

The dose: One tablet mixed with honey thrice daily.

The Dhara Therapy

To prepare the Dhara therapy medication, Kshirbala taila (medicated oil) is used.

Preparation Process : Keep the oil in a vessel which is adjusted just over the patient’s forehead.

The Method : Continuous drops of the oil should fall on the patient’s forehead from the bottom of the perforated vessel. The oil should fall exactly between the two eyebrows.

The dose : Once daily.

Results : The patient gets a sound sleep. Moreover, he/she enjoys quick recovery from the psychic condition.

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