Sciatica the nervous pain symptoms, causes and treatment

Sciatica is known as Gridhrasi in Ayurveda. Sciatica is a type of nervous pain striking the sciatica nerve. Sciatica affects the legs, thighs (especially the rear portions) as well as the buttocks.

The person may experience excruciating pain while walking. It may also lead to sleeplessness (insomnia).

Though people in middle and advanced ages suffer from Sciatica, yet this condition affects young people as well.

Sciatica Causes

The common cause of Sciatica is the inflammation of region through which the sciatica nerve passes. This nerve passes via the hip-bone curve.

Constipation aggravates the condition. Constipation also precipitates Sciatica symptoms

According to Ayurvedic principles, Sciatica is caused due to physical stress as well as due to the aggravation of Vayu.

Dietary Regimen

Saffron: The patient should regularly have Saffron. It has therapeutic qualities. Saffron can be used as an ingredient of food as well.

Saffron should be mixed with warm milk and tendered to the patient.

What not to eat

The patient should avoid taking fried items, beans and pulses.

Similarly, don’t take sour items like curds or fruits.

Other important points

Swimming in moderately cold water helps to arrest Sciatica symptoms.

The patient should bathe only with warm water.

Such persons must not use cold water in any form.

The patient must not do any strenuous activities.

Regular moderate exercises of the legs are mandatory.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda has a two-pronged strategy to deal with Sciatica. One is external while the other is internal.

The externally applicable medication is Saindhavadi taila (medicated oil).

The other medications that needed to be consumed are Yogaraja guggulu and Eranda paka.

Saindhavadi Taila

Saindhavadi taila is medicated oil. It is to be used by the patient externally. The oil is massaged from top to bottom into those parts which pain. It is very effective in the buttock region.

Preparation Procedure: Saindhavadi taila (medicated oil) can be effectively used as a hot fomentation package. Tie a packet of salt in a piece of linen. It should be in the shape of a round bolus. Then heat it in a tawa (pan). It is ready for application when it gets heated.

Application Process: The salt bolus should be externally applied at the painful parts. The best time to apply this fomentation patient to lie down on his back. After applying the bolus, ensure that those parts of the body are kept covered and warm.

Yogaraja Guggulu

The main ingredient of Yogaraja guggulu is guggulu which is used for treating all types of problems of the nervous system.

The dose: Two tablets should be consumed with a cup of warm water or milk four times daily.

Cure constipation for quick recovery

Constipation is one of the primary causes of many diseases of the human physique. It also causes mental stress and strain. Besides, a constipated person cannot pay attention to his day-today activities. Such a person becomes easily irritable. Such people can also suffer from headaches.

If constipation is not cured and regular movement of the bowels not ensured then the person can also suffer from chronic constipation. This can aggravate many of the symptoms of several other ailments – many of whom are quite critical as well.

Constipated people also have problems in enjoying quick, early and effective recovery from diseases.

Hence, Ayurveda lays stress on the early cure of constipation.

This website has a special section on constipation where its causes, symptoms and home remedies are accounted in detail. Here we mention yet another Ayurvedic medication to cure constipation. It is Eranda paka.

Eranda Paka

Eranda paka is an effective laxative. It works as linctus.

The dose: Two teaspoonfuls need to be consumed with a cup of warm milk or water at bedtime.

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