Bathing & Hair Oil an Ayurvedic way of treatment


Regular bathing purifies the body and invigorates the mind. Bathing is a good libidinal stimulant. It is the best life enhancing process. Regular bathing checks fatigue and cleans dirt and sweat from the body. The body gains strength from bathing. After a hard day’s toil, bathing rejuvenates the mind and the body. Begin the day with a bath and also end the day with a bath.

Adults dwelling in temperate or hot tropical climates can have frequent bath to beat the sweltering heat. Bathing has an ideal air-conditioning effect in such circumstances.

Children should be trained to have bath daily and in the proper manner. While bathing one should ensure that the body is massaged well. This stimulates and augments blood circulation. After a bath, teach the children the art of properly wiping their bodies with a towel. The towel can be the best tool to massage the back and also the head. The hair follicles also get a good exercise as one wipes the wet hair and the scalp with a towel. These practices should be transformed into habits.


One should apply hair oil at night after a refreshing bath. Massage the oil into the scalp. The hair follicles get nourishment. Applying hair oil during the day time makes the hair sticky. The sticky hair attracts dust. Under such circumstances, it is mandatory that one washes the hair after returning home. But, washing hair every day with soap or shampoo is harmful as it drains away the natural oil of the hair.

Women should massage oil into their scalp at night in the weekends. Early next morning, shampoo the hair. This keeps the hair healthy and also provides the hair the healthy shiny look.

Regular not daily application of hair oil and shampooing also lends the healthy look to the face. Moreover, people suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia should practise the aforementioned weekend hair nourishing regimen. It will induce sound sleep.

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