Ayurveda recommends Exercises & Body Massaging With Oil


Ayurveda recommends one to exercise daily especially early in the morning. There can be many types of exercises. The best exercises are those that tone up all organs of the body while stimulating the brain and the mind as well.

In this aspect, the yogic pranayamas (breathing exercises) and the meditation postures like Padmasana etc. can be practised daily.

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One can also follow up the pranayamas and the breathing exercises with the other yogic exercises (asanas).

This prepares the body and the mind for the day.

However, prior to commencing any exercise schedule, ensure that you are not suffering from any heart diseases. Consult the doctor, have a thorough examination done of your physique and then seek the advice of a yoga guru to know which asanas would be best for you.

According to age, occupation, and the status of your health, the ideal exercises should be shortlisted and regularly performed.

Always warm up with the pranayamas and the meditation postures before undertaking any exercise roster. Meditation provides the mind serenity and peace. The pranayamas clean the lungs and ensures adequate blood circulation.

If you are a novice, commence with the light freehand exercises.

One should avoid exercising in an empty or a full stomach.


Oil massaging once a week keeps the skin clean. Moreover, body massaging with warm mustard oil an hour before bathing stimulates the muscles and the nerves. It improves blood circulation as well. Aging is arrested. Body massaging with oil maintains vigour and boosts the physique of the person concerned.

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