Family Planning a specialized course for student of Ayurveda


Ancient Indian treatises on sexology, medicines and religion have always placed the sexual act on a pedestal. Stress was laid on the preservation of the seminal fluid (Shukra). Ayurveda prescribes celibacy (Brahmacharya) as the means to preserve one’s semen within one’s body. Such a process boosts one’s strength, increases longevity and even complexion. It further augments the body’s resistance power against the attacks of different ailments.

Sex was deemed a sacred means to procreate. It was looked upon as a dharma (religious duty). Hence those ancient Indian tomes recommended certain procedures to carry out the sexual act.


Family planning is a specialized course for any student of Ayurveda.

Here are the procedures that have proved effective as family planning medications (for both males and females) down the ages. Most of them have been mentioned in the Ayurvedic and other books on sexology and medicines. The list also includes several others which though not mentioned in the classics, yet are quite effective and popular. These have been in extensive use for several centuries now. The medications are generally prepared from vegetables. But in some compound preparations, minerals are also used.

Depending on your physical state and age, you can choose any of the recipes.

The treatises mention of oral contraceptives for males and females. They also have special sections on medication preparations which are to be applied in the vaginal tract to check conception. Let’s first examine such recipes:

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