Constipation Cure ensure regular movement of the bowels

Constipation, or for that matter any ailment can be not only controlled but also cured with a positive bent of mind. It’s sheer determination and mind control that can keep one young, healthy and evergreen.

To cure chronic ear, nose and throat cases, migraine the patient may be required to consume a complete dose of laxatives. However, always go for the natural means (laxatives). This will ensure regular movement of the bowels. But, this habit of consuming laxatives must not be made a habit.

Containing Constipation

Constipation is both a symptom and cause of many diseases. It is for this reason that Ayurveda stresses on regular movement of bowels. Obviously, hygienic oral habits are inextricably connected with proper digestion. Moreover, a balanced dietary menu and regular exercises are also very important in controlling constipation, ensuring proper bowel movements and a healthy body and mind.

Hence, it is of utmost necessity that the patient regularly practises those yogic postures that are especially recommended for people suffering from constipation. Along with it, one should regularly perform the yogic breathing and the meditation exercises.

The best results can be ensured when one combines these aspects with a controlled dietary roster.

One of the Ayurvedic recommendations is Triphala.


This is the Ayurvedic medication prepared from natural elements. It contains three ingredients. They are Amalakhi, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Actually, equal quantities of the pulps of these items are dried and powdered. These are then preserved and daily taken in a particular dose at bedtime.

Medication Preparation Procedure

There are two methods of preparing the medication. To contain the astringent taste of the raw form, one can also add a teaspoonful of honey prior to administering it to the patient.

One dose consists of a teaspoon of the mixture. Mix it in a cup of lukewarm milk added with sugar to taste (usually half a teaspoon). This concoction needs to be consumed during bedtime.

Another method of preparing this decoction is to add a teaspoonful of Triphala to a cup of water. Then boil the mixture till the water quantity comes down to half of its original volume. Next, filter out the sediment and give only the water to the patient at bedtime. It ensures clear motion in the morning.

In case, this dose doesn’t deliver the goods, then one can increase the quantity of this dose. But, adjust the dose depending on the purgative action the normal dose produces on the individual.

Agastya Rasayana

One can regularly have Agastya rasayana to keep the bowels clean. It also tones up the entire body. It is especially beneficial for the nasal mucous membrane, the throat and the lungs.

Prescription: Mix four teaspoonful of the medication in a cup of lukewarm water or milk. The patient should have it at bedtime.

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