Ayurvedic Meal and use of Ear Oil Drop in Ear


Here are the 20 Ayurvedic principles while taking any heavy meal are as follows:

1. Keep fixed time for the three main meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.

2. Always thank the Almighty before having any item.

3. Remember, Ayurvedic principles entail that only 50% of your tummy should be filled up with the solid items.

4. Fill up the remaining portion with hygienic drinking water.

5. You should neither drink in between the meal nor immediately after the meal.

6. Else, you may suffer from flatulence or suffer from acidity.

7. So, have water only after an hour of consuming the solid items.

8. Have the meal either on a table or while sitting down comfortably with your back straight.

9. A twisted or bent posture restricts the flow of the meal into the tummy.

10. Never nibble anything between these three meal times.

11. Ideally, there should be gestation periods of approximately four-five hours between the meals.

12. The modern-day typical occupational pressures often forces one to skip lunch.

13. Hence, it is mandatory that the breakfast should be nutritious and heavy to sustain you during the day even if you may have to forget lunch.

14. Have supper as early as possible.

15. Of course, depending on the geographical locations, climatic determinants and also the nature of one’s occupation, the supper time may differ. Nonetheless, one should always maintain a fixed schedule insofar as the night-time meal is concerned.

16. Never retire immediately after having meal.

17. Assume the Vajrasana yogic posture after having supper. This facilitates easy digestion.

18. Supper should always be light. Select such items that are easily digestible.

19. There should be at least 60 minutes between any heavy meal and the bedtime.

20. You can also have a light walk after having any of the meal and before taking water.


Use unadulterated mustard or teel oil drops to keep the ears clean. Use two-three drops of the available oil every Sunday. This practice checks ear diseases. You will never have deafness, hardness of hearing, lock jaw, tortiscollis and other ailments of the ear.

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