Dinacharya Ayurvedic healthy routines for a holistic


Ayurveda stipulates a definite roster to be followed by any individual. This is termed as ‘Dinacharya‘ (the mandatory regular principles to lead a hygienic lifestyle). The daily schedule commences from the time a person rises from bed till he/she retires for the night. It includes directions in 18 daily activities. They include:

1. The principles on lovemaking
2. Nasal therapy;
3. Collyrium use;
4. Hair and nail hygiene;
5. Restriction in curd intake at night;
6. Gargling;
7. Regular exercises:
8. Body massaging with oil;
9. Bathing;
10. Application of regular hair oil;
11. Use of perfumes and garlands;
12. Apparel code;
13. Diet;
14. Smoking;
15. Study code; and
16. The principles to be followed while taking the night time meal.

Follow the instructions and make them a part of your daily habit. Ailments will be kept at bay and you will own a healthy body in an evergreen mind.

Let’s analyze them one by one:


This section is divided into four portions, viz., the ideal women; places; time; and the post-sexual state.

Mentionably, Ayurveda prohibits the use of any other organs in the lovemaking process. Have sexual intercourse only via the genital organs. Ayurveda stipulates the types of women with whom one should not make love.

  1. Never make love to a woman whom is suffering from any ailment;
  2. Similarly, don’t have sexual intercourse with a woman experiencing menstruation or is impure.
  3. Remember, it is not advisable to make love to a woman having a repulsive personality;
  4. Stay away from a woman who lacks fine arts or one lacking skills;
  5. Don’t get intimate with a woman having uncivil manners or bad manners.
  6. One should never have sexual intercourse with another’s wife, or is attached passionately with another person;
  7. If the woman lacks the passionate desire or is not friendly, never force yourself on such woman;

Ayurveda also mentions the places where one should never have sexual intercourse.

  1. Ayurveda bans lovemaking in temples, in the guru’s dwelling place or the alma mater, medical institutions, clinics, water, cemetery, garden, public place.
  2. Sexual intercourse id further barred under trees held sacred by communities.
  3. Lovemaking is forbidden at slaughter houses or on a cross-road or in places that lack privacy.
  4. One should not indulge in sexual intercourse in places that are uneven.

Ayurveda points to the situations when one shouldn’t indulge in lovemaking.

  1. Avoid sexual intercourse on auspicious days or while undertaking fasts.
  2. Don’t make love during dusk or dawn.
  3. If you and your partner are fagged out or are tense, don’t make love.
  4. Lovemaking in an empty tummy or immediately after meals is strictly forbidden.
  5. One should never make love in an inebriated state.

Finally, Ayurveda principles say that after every satisfying lovemaking act, one should always have a glass of milk added with sugar. Make this a habit!


Regular nasal therapy during the monsoon seasons as well as spring and autumn has many benefits. Nasal therapy is done with the inhalation of the Anu taila (oil). This is prepared by boiling 26 different medicinal plants in gingelly oil and goat’s milk.

People regularly doing nasal therapy keep at bay all ailments of the eyes, nose and the ears. Besides, their hair never falls. Besides, nasal therapy also arrests the process of premature greying of hair and beard.

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