Rheumatism effect of joints & connective tissue! Causes treatment

Rheumatism is known as Amavata in Ayurveda. Rheumatism happens due to the presence of a substance that is termed as ‘Ama’ in Ayurvedic terminology. The Ama is produced due to malfunctioning of the digestive organs and the metabolism infrastructure of our bodies. The excessively produced Ama then lodges in the joints and the muscles. The resultant effects are inflammation and acute pain in those areas.

People experiencing constipation and indigestion generally suffer from Rheumatism.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

Rheumatism is similar to Rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatism is also a painful progressive disease. In Rheumatism, not just the joints but also the muscles become swollen. Rheumatism bouts are recurrent in the winter season. It may happen even if the patient gets exposed to cold. Unless arrested at the initial stages, Rheumatism may affect the heart also. Rheumatism is often accompanied with fever.

Dietary Regimen

  • The patient must stay away from fried items.
  • He/she should not consume cold substances as well.
  • Keep away from sour things like curd.
  • Avoid all forms of pulses except Moong dal.

Points to remember

  • Don’t get involved in hectic or heavy physical activities.
  • Don’t go on long walks or walking in fast pace.
  • Don’t sleep during the daytime.
  • Resort to only restricted physical exercises.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda has two very effective medications to treat Rheumatism. They are Mahayogaraj guggulu and Simbanada guggulu. All of these medicines are prepared from Guggulu. Ayurveda also prescribes Saindhavadi taila for external use. For patients suffering from constipation, there are Castor oil and Haritaki.

Resolve Constipation Fast

Constipation prolongs Rheumatism symptoms. The patient also experiences pain and inflammation for as long as there is constipation. Moreover, the other medicines work to their optimum levels only when constipation is cured. Hence the need for resolving constipation at the earliest cannot be overemphasized.

To ensure clear movement of the bowels, the best Ayurvedic prescription is Castor oil. This taila prepared from the Castor plant can be used externally as internally. It reduces inflammation and also reduces the pain of the joints and the muscles. Different parts of the plant like the leaves, roots and even the seeds can be used as medication. Therefore, Castor oil has purgative as well as other therapeutic qualities.

The other medicine is Haritaki.

Simbanada guggulu & Mahayogaraj guggulu

Simbanada guggulu & Mahayogaraj guggulu do not have any toxic effects. They produce warmth within the body. If such a symptom appears after consuming the medicine, reduce the dose. However, these medicines are tolerated by the body in the wintry season.

NOTE: For patients suffering from Rheumatism and constipation, the prescription is Simbanada guggulu. For the other patients, Mahayogaraj guggulu is prescribed. For both the medicines the dose is same.

The dose: Two tablets twice daily. Follow it up with a cup of hot milk or warm water. The emaciated and weak patients should regularly have the milk after taking the medicinal dose.

Gradually increase the dose of either medicine (whichever the patient may be recommended). Actually the patient should consume approximately 20 pills during the entire course of the day.

Saindhavadi Taila

This medicated oil is to be applied lightly over the inflamed joints and muscles. Without massaging, the oil should be gently ribbed over the affected parts. It gives relief from pain and the inflammation syndrome is also arrested.

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