Metabolic Mechanism

The Metabolic Mechanism

The metabolic mechanism is closely associated with the digestion process. In fact, the terms ‘metabolism’ and ‘digestion’ refer to the body’s instinctive and natural processes of breaking up, absorption and assimilation of the food items we consume.

For digestion, the heterogeneous consumed food items are transformed into homogeneous elements. The transformation mechanism is aided by a particular element which in Ayurveda is known as ‘Agni’.

The Agni represents different types of enzymes in the tissue cells, liver and gastro-intestinal tract.

The Agnis (enzymes) function normally when the doshas within the body remain in the required ration or in equilibrium.

If, however, there is any disequilibrium in the doshas, we suffer from impairment in the functions of the Agnis.

Agni incorporates the gastro-intestinal digestion process (referred to as Aharapachana in the Kashtha)

There are four states of the Agnis. They are Vishamagni; Tikshnagni; Mandagni and Samagni.

NOTE: For Agni states and their symptoms as well as their likely reactions are given in Appendix-II.

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