Appendix – I

Details of Doshas Functions
Doshas Location Function(s) Ailments when Doshas don’t function
1. Shleshaka Joints Joint lubrication Joint pains & malfunctioning of joints;
2. Tarpaka Heart Nourishment of sense organs Malfunctioning of sense organs & Memory loss;
3. Bodhaka Tongue Taste perception Loss of taste sense;
4. Avalambaka Heart Energy in limbs Lethargy;
5. Kledaka Stomach Moistens food & aids digestion Digestive problems.
1. Bhrajaka Skin Skin color & glaze Skin ailments like leucoderma;
2. Alochaka Eyes Vision Vision impairment;
3. Sadhaka Heart Mental functions & aids Memory Psychic disorders;
4. Ranjaka Stomach, Liver, & Spleen Manufacturing of Blood Jaundice, Anaemia among others;
5. Pachaka Small intestines & Stomach Digestion Indigestion & tummy disorders;
1. Vyana Heart Circulating channels (blood vessels) Diarrhoea & Fever, etc.;
2. Apana Pelvic organs & Colon Stool, urine, semen & menstrual blood Diabetes & diseases of the urinary tract, testicles, anus, & bladder;
3. Samana Small intestines & stomach Assimilation of food end products; Activation of digestive enzymes; & separation of end products of.the consumed food items into tissue elements Assimilation malfunctioning; diarrhoea & indigestion
4. Udana Throat Voice & speech Ear, Nose & Throat ailments;
5. Prana Heart Food swallowing & breathing Voice hoarseness; cold; asthma; bronchitis & hiccups among others.

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