Appendix – II

Agni State Probable Symptoms Functions
1. amagni Aids Digestion When Samagni functions normally, the state is known as Jathagragni It guarantees digestion; also ensures that the Tridoshas are functioning normally.
2. andagni Digestive malfunctioning; Udara Gaurava (abdomen heaviness); Shiro Gaurava (heaviness in the head); Gatra Sadana (constitutional weakness). Predominance of Kapha Dosha hampers smooth functioning of Jatharagni; So Agni fails to digest the consumed food; the general metabolism power weakens.
3.ikshnagni Digestive acumen hyperactive; Large quantities of frequent meals also digested. But, post-digestion phase accompanied by Santapa (Burning sensation & heat in tummy); Parched palate (Talushosha Daha); Parched throat (Daha and Gala Shosha); and Parched lips (Oshtha Shosha Daha); Voracious hunger (Atyagni/Bhasmaka) Predominance of Pitta Dosha Agni excessively excited.
4.ishamagni Digestive acumen unpredictable; At times, it functions normally at other times, it slows down considerably; Sometimes, it produces Intestinal gurgling sounds (Antrakujana); Abdominal distension (adhamana); colic pain (Shula); Ascites (Jathara); Diarrhoea (Atisara); Upward movement of Vayu/ flatulence (Udavarta) Predominance of Vata Dosha creates this erratic state of Agni. This state aids the digestive process; But chronic state may lead to loose motions; feeling of heaviness in the limbs; ascites; dysentery; constipation; colic pain; and even abdominal distension.

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