Bronchitis “inflammation of mucous membranes bronchi in lungs”

Bronchitis results in the inflammation of the bronchi in the lungs. Such inflammation can be caused by different types of bacteria or germs. As a result, the patient coughs out phlegm which is a mucous-purulent substance.

Bronchitis Types

Depending on the nature of the phlegm, Bronchitis can be of many types. On the other hand, bronchitis can also be indicative of many other ailments like TB (tuberculosis).

Ayurvedic Interpretation

Bronchitis is known as Kasa roga in Ayurveda. Ayurveda pinpoints the cause of this ailment to germs or Krimis. However, Krimis are only secondary causative agents. The primary factor for causing Bronchitis (according to Ayurvedic principles) is digestive impairment.

Ayurvedic treatment concentrates on correcting the digestive mechanism as well as the functioning of the lungs while treating Bronchitis. Thus, the ancillary ailments are also cured effectively.

What not to eat

They should stay away from food items having sour taste.

Such people must not take curd.

Similarly, they should not consume guava and banana.

Other important points

Patients suffering from Bronchitis should not bathe in cold water.

Besides, such people should never get exposed to rain or cold wind.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda has several easily available homemade treatments for the patients suffering from Bronchitis. Mention may be made of Khadira vati, Vasa, Trikatu or Tryushana, Maricha, Pippali, Sunthi and Haridra.

Khadira Vati

Khadira vati is available across the counter in the form of pills.

Khadira vati is generally prescribed for patients suffering from congested throat. The primary ingredient of Khadira vati is Khadira.

Khadira vati soothes the tummy by freeing congestion.

The Dose : The patient should slowly suck at least five tablets five times daily.


Vasa is a medicinal plant. The leaves of Vasa are used for preparation of the medication. This plant grows luxuriantly across India expect in the Himalayan mountain ranges especially in the snow-clad region and the deserts.

Vasa cures chronic bronchitis and cough. Since the taste of Vasa is rather bitter, one should mix honey with the juice.

The Dose : The patient should have two teaspoonfuls of Vasa leaves juice mixed with an equal quantity of honey thrice daily.

Trikatu or Tryushana

Trikatu or Tryushana is a combination of three ingredients, namely Maricha (Black pepper), Pippali (Long pepper), and Sunthi (Dried ginger). Each of these ingredients is used as spices in the Indian households.

The stimulant and anti-pyretic effects arrests fever as well. Above all, the trio insulates the body of the patient from the attacks of any bacteria or germs. In fact, the Krimis fail to even multiply.

The trio acts as a potent therapeutic agent especially with respect to the lungs and the tummy.

This concoction expectorates phlegm and relieves breathing problems.

Moreover, Trikatu or Tryushana boosts metabolism and digestion. As a result, bronchial inflammation caused due tom infection is arrested.

The Dose : Half a teaspoonful mixed with an equal quantity of honey thrice daily.

Caution Note : One may experience a slight burning sensation after consuming the concoction in excess. Then, the amount of the concoction should be reduced.


Haridra is turmeric powder. This simple medication should be taken by the patient in an empty tummy. Haridra does not have nay side effects. It is prescribed for all patients. This is notwithstanding sex, age or the state of the ailment.

The Dose : Mix a teaspoonful of Haridra with a cup of milk. The patient should have it thrice daily on an empty tummy. The frequency of the medication can be increased to five times if the patient suffers from the acute form of bronchitis.

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