Vomiting And Nausea Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

In Ayurvedic terminology, vomiting is known as Chhardi. Vomiting pertains to the forcible purgation via the mouth. The ejected substances generally consist of the accumulated toxic and indigestible materials from the tummy.

The Five Categories Of Vomiting

Ayurveda divides vomiting into five categories. These are Dvishtratha samyogaja, Tridoshaja, Kaphaja, Pittaja, and Vataja.

The Dvishtratha samyogaja type of vomiting is caused by food poisoning. The patient will have a foul smell in his/her mouth. Moreover, the person may suffer from nausea.

If there is slime in the vomited substances, it is of the Kaphaja type.

In case there is a burning sensation in the tummy and a sour taste in the mouth, the person will be suffering from the Pittaja type of vomiting.

The Vataja type of vomiting leaves a leaves an astringent taste in the mouth. The other common characteristics of the Vataja type are chest pain and mouth dryness.

The Tridoshaja type of vomiting reflects all the above symptoms.

Common Causes Of Vomiting

Vomiting is generally caused by the following factors. These include consumption of contaminated food items, pregnancy, intestinal worms, and/or mental worries and undue tension.

Dietary Regimen

Pomegranate juice is really ideal in such conditions.

These people must daily consume a Badara fruit and vegetable soup.

Such patients should daily have 0.125 gram each of clove and cardamom.

The Best Natural Medicine

The best means to contain suffering from chronic vomiting or its tendencies is parched rice. It is a medicine and food for such conditions.

Preparation Mode: The parched rice should be made a paste. The boiled rice should be strained though a linen cloth, diluted in butter milk or water and salt or sugar added to it according to taste. The prescribed amount though is a teaspoonful. Mix cardamom and clove seeds (in their powdery forms) to the brew.

Tender the concoction to the patient four times daily.

What Not To Eat

These patients must avoid taking any solid foods or liquid items when such vomiting or its conditions appear.

Other Important Points

Ensure that the patient does not suffer from dehydration.

Complete rest is a must for the patient.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Vomiting And Nausea

According to Ayurveda, vomiting can be checked with the following two items. These are the raw Kapittha fruit and the peacock feather ash.

The Raw Kapittha Fruit Concoction

Mix the juice of the raw Kapittha fruit with long pepper and honey. Include cardamom in the brew.

The dose: One teaspoonful four times daily.

Ash of Peacock Feather

All forms of vomiting are cured with the feather of a peacock. The feather should be burned and mixed with honey.

The dose: The patient should have the medications four times daily. Each amount should be of 0.125 gram.

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