Urticaria Allergies and Hives vascular reaction of the skin

The Ayurvedic term for Urticaria is Shita pitta. People suffering from constipation are vulnerable to this abnormal condition of the skin.


Urticaria is, more often than not, characterised by severe itching. Urticaria is a vascular reaction of the skin.

The commonly and easily identifiable symptoms of Urticaria are red or pale elevated patches on the outer portion of the skin. These patches, naturally enough, appear redder or paler than the surrounding skin portions.

Such patches can appear all over the body.

Ancillary symptoms may be indigestion or other stomach disorders, bronchitis, cough or/and cold.


Urticaria is caused by many factors. The common ones are the following, though:

(i) Sudden exposure to changes in climate or weather;

(ii) Intestinal worms;

(iii) Abrupt changes in emotional states; and/or

(iv) Allergens. This is the typical change in body temperature if one bathes immediately after hard physical labour when the body remains high (in other words, the temperature remains quite hot).



The patient should daily consume garlic and onion.

Vegetables having a bitter taste like drumsticks and bitter gourd are beneficial for such patients.

Such people must have salt-free diet.


Patients suffering from Urticaria must avoid taking sour food items like curd.


Intestinal worms should be eliminated. Unless and until intestinal worms are dealt with, Urticaria may recur.


If a person is suffering from the acute form of Urticaria, here’s an easy homemade strategy:

The affected portions of the patient need to be rubbed with a concoction.

Preparation process : Prepare the concoction by mixing two teaspoonfuls of rock-salt powder with a teaspoonful of mustard oil.

Application mode : Rub the concoction in the affected parts. The let the patient sit in the sun. During this stage, he/she should expose the affected balmed parts to sunlight for five minutes. Then, rub those portions with a copper coin.

Benefits : The patient will enjoy immediate relief. CONSTIPATION MUST BE CURED AT THE EARLIEST

The primary cause of all ailments is constipation. Besides, if you are suffering from constipation, the gestation period taken by the body to recover from any disease is abnormally long. What is more, different complications also develop if constipation is chronic.

If you do not have regular movement of your bowels, the toxic materials accumulate in the bowels and the intestines. Your mental state as well as the physical condition will be adversely affected.

Parents should inculcate in the minds of their children the habit of regular movement of bowels immediately after they get up in the morning.


Hence, Ayurveda concentrates on the cure of constipation as the first step towards the treatment of any ailments.

Water is a natural and very ideal purgation agent. Even of you do not have constipation, drink lots of water. The best way to drink water is to opt for at least two large bottles or one litre of water after arising in the morning. This keeps all the purgation means of our body, viz., stool, urine and sweat in their optimum operational states.

Here are two other easily available natural Ayurvedic medications to tackle constipation.

Triphala & Haritaki : Some of the commonly prescribed medications for curing constipation are Triphala powder and Haritaki. Moreover, such people should regularly consume papaya.

The Dose : Two teaspoonfuls mixed with hot water at bedtime.

They must also not have fried things.

Similarly, avoid sour food items like curd.


There are four Ayurvedic medicines for patients suffering from Urticaria. These are Arogya Vardhini Rasa, Suta Shekhara Rasa, Kamadugha Rasa, and Haridra Khanda.


Arogya Vardhini Rasa and Suta Shekhara Rasa are recommended for patients suffering from the acute form of Urticaria. The patient can have each one of them independently or as a compound (mixture) of both the medications: Arogya Vardhini Rasa and Suta Shekhara Rasa.

The Dose : Mix 0.5 gram of the medication(s) with a teaspoonful of honey and give the patient thrice daily.


The primary ingredient of Kamadugha Rasa is red ochre (Gairika).

The Dose : A teaspoonful of honey should be mixed half-a-teaspoon of Kamadugha Rasa. The patient is given this medication four times every day.


Mentionably, the patient is also at times prescribed just red ochre only after it is processed according to Ayurvedic principles.

Preparation process : Mix a teaspoonful of the powder with an equal quantity of honey.

The Dose : One teaspoonful of the concoction thrice daily.


Haridra is used in many Indian households as a tastemaker in curries. Regular consumption of the normal quantity of Haridra prevents the occurrence of Urticaria.

Preparation process : Haridra has a slight bitter taste. Many patients dislike the raw taste of Haridra. In such instances, the Haridra powder can be seasoned with sugar and milk. The raw Haridra powder can also be tinctured with plain drinking water.

The Dose : Two teaspoonfuls thrice every day


Haridra powder is available in the form of granules across various Ayurvedic counters. These granules have a palatable taste. It is then named as Haridra Khanda.

Haridra Khanda is prepared with the main ingredient being Haridra. It is an easy home-made preparation.

The Dose : One teaspoonful of the granules should be mixed with a cup of warm water and given to the patient thrice daily.

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  1. Hi I have been suffering from chronic urticaria since last 3 years…I just fed up with having medications, now looking for permanent treatment of urticaria, please suggest me correct regimen of above-mentioned medications, so that I can be free from this horrible disease…

    Ashok Kumar