Thirst demands of water by body, the Ayurvedic way of treatment

In Ayurvedic terms, this condition is called Trishna roga. A person feels thirsty when the body demands water. The point though is that excessive thirst is an ailment.

The Seven Categories of Thirst

Ayurveda categorises thirst into seven types. The division is according to the pathogenesis and the Doshas involved. But, there are two common and main forms of thirst, viz., Kaphaja; Paittika; and Vatika.

People suffering from the Kaphaja type experiences a saline taste in the mouth when they are thirsty.

Burning sensations predominate in the Paittika type of thirst.

The Vatika form of thirst is accompanied by giddiness and pain as well.

Dietary Regimen

The patient should be regularly given a gruel prepared with parched rice, moong dal juice, banana flower, pomegranate, amalaki, and Kushmanda.

What Not To Eat

These patients must avoid spicy and hot food items.

Important Points to Remember

Complete rest is required for such patients;

He/she should not get exposed to sun or heat.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda prescribes green mango pulp, ripe tamarind juice, brick water and water of green coconuts.

Green Mango Pulp

The green mango pulp is an ideal medication to relieve thirst. It also cures heat stroke.

Preparation Mode: First, burn the green mango till the outer cover gets charred. At a point, the outer cover will come off. Make a drink of the inner pulp. Next, add water and sugar to it. Now, it is ready to be tendered to the patient.

Ripe Tamarind Juice

This medication gives instant relief to the person suffering from excessive thirst.

Preparation Mode: Select ripe tamarind. Then, squeeze out the juice from the ripe tamarind. Next, boil the juice. While boiling, mix a teaspoonful of sugar to it.

The Dose: The patient should consume 30 ml. of the syrup four times daily.

Brick Water

The ‘Brick water therapy’ is recommended for patient suffering from acute thirst tendencies.

Preparation Mode: Choose a clean piece of brick. Wash it thoroughly. Then, heat it. Next, immerse it in a water vessel. After that, filter out the water. Finally, give the patient the filtered water thrice daily.

Green Coconut Water

The natural water of a green coconut is a very good medication in such conditions. Such patients can have it as much as he/she wishes.

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