Stomatitis inflammation of the mouth and tongue! causes treatment

Stomatitis‘ is called ‘Mukhapaka’ in Ayurveda. It basically refers to inflammation of the mouth and/or tongue due to various reasons.

Stomatitis Symptoms

The common symptoms of stomatitis are ulcers, blisters, sub-mucosal haemorrhages, redness and erosion of skin within the mouth.

Mentionably, stomatitis patients generally complain of constipation.

Causes of Stomatitis

1. Various types of germs have been identified as causing stomatitis.

2. Stomatitis may also be caused due to reaction or over-toxity of certain drugs and medications.

3. Consumption of medicines having heavy metals as ingredients may also lead to stomatitis.

4. Another prominent cause of this disease is nutritional deficiency. However, dietary deficiencies can also be symptomatic of many other ailments as well.

Dietary & other regimen for preventing stomatitis

  • People prone to developing stomatitis symptoms must regularly include papaya and surana in their diet.
  • Consume as much of food items that do not induce constipation.
  • Include green and leafy vegetables.
  • Fresh fruits are also beneficial for such patients.
  • Ensure that your toothpowder or toothpaste contains neem.

What you should not do

  • Never take sour food items.
  • Stay away from curd, spices and pickles.
  • If it’s a case of chronic stomatitis, quit tobacco of all forms.

Ayurvedic Medications for Stomatitis

Nonetheless, there are two types of Ayurvedic treatment for chronic stomatitis patients. First, the Ayurvedic treatment aims at resolving constipation. Then it addresses the other symptoms of the disease.

There are two potent medications that directly address the stomatitis symptoms. These are Irimedadi taila and Khadiradi vati.

Irimedadi Taila

Irimedadi taila is medicated oil. It addresses the stomatitis symptoms.

Add a teaspoonful of the oil to a cup of lukewarm water. The concoction is used for gargling at least five times daily till the symptoms subside.

Khadiradi Vati

Khadiradi vati is available across the counters in the tablet form. It is prepared primarily from Khadira. It checks production of excess saliva. Moreover, it leaves a soothing effect on the inflamed portions and ulcers within the mouth.

The patient should keep a tablet in the mouth and keep on sucking it. In this way, one needs to suck at least eight tablets.

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