Sneezing the sinuses Causes Symptoms treatment by Dietary Regimen

Sneezing‘ refers to instinctive reaction of the nasal mucous membrane or the sinuses (in the head) to certain extraneous factors. It occurs suddenly and with vigour. When sneezing happens, the irritation in the sinuses and the mucous membrane in the nose compel the air to come out through the nose. The mouth remains closed during those junctures.

In simple terms, the sinuses are freed of the accumulated phlegm which gets out through sneezing.

It is quite normal to sneeze twice or thrice daily. Only when one keeps on sneezing repetitively is it a cause for concern.


Sneezing may also be caused to other factors. Sudden change in the climate, breathing of pollens and also polluted environment can lead to sneezing.


The common symptoms of sneezing are running nose; water flowing from the mouth; and blocked nose.


1. For ensuring regular movement of the bowels, consume lots of leafy vegetables.

2. The patient should regularly consume garlic both in the raw form and in combination with other vegetables. Consume at least 10 cloves twice daily.

It can also be fried in butter and ghee; this checks the strong smell of the raw cloves. The cloves become ready for consumption when they attain a brownish tinge while being fried. At that point, they turn odourless as well. However, frying reduces the therapeutic quality of garlic.

3. To gain the maximum benefits, consume lots of black pepper, ginger and turmeric


1. Refrain from having rice;
2. Similarly, stay away from all forms of fried items;
3. Avoid cold, soft as well as hard drinks;
4. Don’t have banana or curd.


1. Polluted environments aggravate the symptoms; so stay away from such places.
2. Don’t get exposed to smoke, dust, excessive cold wind or rain;
3. If you suffer from acute sneezing bouts, don’t take head bath at all.


For addressing the ailment of sneezing, Ayurveda recommends the oils — Anu taila and Shadabindu taila. Ayurveda also prescribes the medication — Haridra khanda — to cure sneezing and its symptoms. These Ayurvedic treatments are meant for the patients suffering from chronic sneezing. They not only resolve sneezing but also effectively addresses all symptoms of the ailment.


Anu taila and Shadabindu taila are nasal drops. These medications need to be inhaled deeply by the patient.

However, don’t worry if you experience running nose or excessive sneezing bouts after taking the medications. This is quite normal. In three days time, such provocations will vanish along with the sneezing bouts. An adult must use the medication for a month to get the best results.

Prescription: The patient should use 20 drops of Anu taila and six drops of Shadabindu taila in each nostril.


Haridra khanda comes in a powdery form. It is commonly prescribed for patients suffering from chronic sneezing bouts. The ingredients of Haridra khanda are certain drugs prepared from vegetables and turmeric.

Prescription: The patient should be given a teaspoonful of the medication mixed with warm water or hot milk at least four times daily.

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