Scabies a contagious skin diseases symptoms, causes and treatment

Scabies is known in Ayurveda as Kachchhu.

Scabies is characterised by infection caused by parasites. Scabies is contagious. Even touch can spread scabies.


Scabies can affect the skin in the upper portions of the body, the trunk areas and also the lower limbs.

The vulnerable thin skin portions generally affected by scabies are:

  • The ulnar (thinner and longer bone in the forearm, opposite to the thumb) section of the hands;
  • Finger clefts and the wrist joints;
  • The folds (interior auxiliary) in the inside portion of the elbows; and
  • The portions below the collar line.
  • The trunk areas prone to develop scabies are:
  • The buttocks;
  • Male genital organ;
  • Abdomen; and
  • The female breasts.

The lower limbs commonly affected by scabies are:

  • The feet;
  • Ankles; and
  • The Thighs.


The skin areas below the collar line starts turning reddish.

There will be itching which may be quite acute at times.

Itching papules will appear;

There can also be eczema, pus formation, scratching, and inflammation.


The patient must follow a strict dietary regimen for quick recovery.

So, he/she must totally avoid all forms of sweet and sour food items like molasses, or pickles and curd.


Daily exercise is a must for such persons. They should regularly go for brisk morning walks.

The Yogic breathing exercises (Pranayamas) are ideal means to purge the lungs and the tummy of toxic breath and substances.

Regular toilet habits help in curing scabies.

So, all parents must ensure that their wards and children develop the bowel movement habit. Bowel movement must come naturally to them.


Constipation puts up hurdles in the process of fast recovery from this typical condition. So, constipation must be tackled in the very initial stages of the syndrome.

Such people must have a teaspoonful of Triphala powder before retiring in the nights.

Immediately after rising from sleep, the person concerned must drink 500 ml of water in the empty tummy. Water is a very good natural purging agent. It boosts the functioning of the all purging organs. Regular consumption of water will keep the urine, stool and sweat glands clear.


Ayurveda prescribes Neem and sulphur powder as the medications.


Neem gives relief from itching.

Neem also helps in the cure of the ailment.

Such people should daily bathe with water that is mixed with neem leaves and boiled.

One can also use soap having neem as a primary ingredient.

The patient can also chew tender Neem leaves. It has a bitter taste. However, consumption of raw neem leaves on an empty tummy early in the morning has many therapeutic effects on the human body.

Here is another way of having the Neem leaves:

Pluck 12 tender Neem leaves. Tender leaves are too bitter. Crush and roll them into a pulp. Then you can break them into small tablet forms. Such tablets should be taken by the patient twice daily. The optimum effects are enjoyed by the patient if he/she can have them early in the morning and also in the evening.

Besides, this habit also cures the pain arising due to intestinal worms in kids.


The commonly used form of sulphur is prepared in the typical Ayurvedic process. Thus, sulphur is purified and its therapeutic qualities also improved.

Medication Preparation : For the preparation of the concoction, the following six substances are required:

Materials required : Two grams of raw sulphur powder;

Pure ghee prepared from cow’s milk;

Cow’s milk: 250 ml;

A kitchen spoon;

A pot or tumbler; and

A piece of white linen: half a metre.

The process : First, take the sulphur powder in the spoon.

Then, pour the ghee over the sulphur so that the powder gets totally submerged in the ghee.

Next, heat the spoon over an oven.

Keep the pot/ tumbler filled with the cow’s milk nearby. Tightly cover the mouth of the container with the linen.

The mechanism : When the concoction starts boiling, the sulphur will melt and dissolve with the ghee.

Then, pour the boiled concoction on the linen.

The sulphur will seep through the linen and mix with the milk in the container. The sulphur will then solidify.

Next, bring the solidified sulphur from the milk and wash it with warm water.

Repeat the process at least seven times.

Thus, the sulphur is purified. The impurities are extracted. It becomes toxic-free and develops therapeutic qualities.

After that, grind the sulphur into a powdery form. Preserve the powder in a dry air-tight bottle.

This concoction needs to be consumed by the patient.

The Dose : The patient should have the powder mixed with honey 0.2 gram twice daily on an empty tummy.

Note : The ghee emanating from the milk mixed with sulphur is used for external use in the affected parts.

Mentionably, this concoction can be taken by children as well.

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