Prickly Heat its symptoms dietary regimen causes & treatment


This typical condition is known in Ayurvedic terminology as Pidaka. It is an acute form of rash that occurs mainly in the summer season. Many people suffer from the prickly heat syndrome in humid weather conditions as well. All parts of the body are susceptible to this syndrome.

If left unattended at the initial stages, it can very well lead to secondary bacterial infection.


When one suffers from this syndrome, he/she will experience excessive sweating.

Tiny eruptions (akin to sand grains) appear in the affected areas.

The other sensations of prickly heat are itching and scratching, besides burning sensation and pricking.


Such patients should regularly consume not less than 10 litres of water.

Moreover, they must daily have vegetables which contain water. Mention may be made of bottle gourd and cucumber besides fruits like water melon.

They should also have lots of fruit juice.

Almond oil and even the almond fruit are rather useful for such people.

Among the dry fruits, only dry grapes are recommended for the patients. However, the persons suffering from this condition must definitely have fresh juicy grapes daily.


Always wipe away sweat the moment they appear in any part of the body. People with oily skin must pay particular attention to this aspect.

Daily perform the Yogic breathing (Pranayama) exercises.

Practise meditation also.

Exercise and remain in open air as long as you can.


As per Ayurvedic interpretation, people with the Paittika type of physical built are very susceptible to this condition. The first recommendation for such people is to stay away from humidity and heat.


The most potent Ayurvedic medication to cure the Prickly Heat Syndrome is Pravala pishti. It is an ideal preventive as well as curative means in such conditions.

The Dose : The patient should regularly have 0.5 gram of this medication mixed with an equal quantity of honey. This concoction should be taken twice daily.

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