Piles Treatment, Symptoms, Causes and Dietary Regimen

The ailment — Piles — is called Arshas in Ayurvedic terminology. Piles has been classified into two categories: ‘Dry Piles‘ and ‘Bleeding Piles‘.

In extreme cases, the patient bleeds profusely while moving the bowels. As a result, the patient suffers from anaemia.

What Exactly is Piles

When a patient suffers from Piles, the anal veins become swollen (varicosed). It can happen with both the internal as well as the external veins in the anal region.

Causes Of Piles

Chronic constipation is the main cause of Piles. It can also be caused by the following factors: liver morbidity or malfunctioning of the liver; and a couch-potato lifestyle. In fact when one leads a sedentary lifestyle, the person remains seated or lies down in a particular position for long hours. The condition is aggravated if the seat is a hard one.

Symptoms Of Piles

The commonly reported symptoms of Piles are as follows: Lumbago, flatulence (wind formation in the tummy), acute anus itching, and appetite loss.

Dietary Regimen

The patient should regularly consume the rhizome of Surana. It is useful as a nourishing diet. Moreover, the Surana rhizome is an ideal medicine for such patients.

The menu of these patients must invariably contain the following items: Goat’s milk, patola, amalaki, papaya, old rice, wheat, barley and Kulattha.

What Not To Eat

Don’t consume the yellow or the red variety of pumpkin, colocasia and potato.

Additional Caution Notes

  • Don’t suppress natural urges;
  • However, don’t indulge in excess sex;
  • Avoid sitting on hard seats;
  • Say ‘No!’ to horse riding.

Ayurvedic Treatments

In Ayurveda, there are three types of prescriptions. These are Kasisadi taila, Abhayarishta and Nagakesara.

Kasisadi Taila

The main ingredient of Kasisadi taila is iron sulphate (Kasisa). Kasisadi taila checks bleeding and relieves pain. It first shrinks Piles and simultaneously cures the itching sensation in the anal portion. It is used externally.


While preparing Abhayarishta, the main ingredient utilised is Haritaki.

The dose: 30 ml. of the medication needs to be mixed with an equal quantity of water. The patient should consume it twice daily.


Nagakesara is recommended for stopping the bleeding from the anal region. The flower of the Nagakesara plant is used to prepare the medication. The flower is dried and changed into a powdery form. It is beneficial for patients suffering from both the dry and bleeding forms of Piles.

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