Lumbago “musculoskeletal disorder” Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Lumbago affects the lower back. Lumbago attacks without warning. The pain can be quite acute.

Sprain aggravates the ailment.

Cure Constipation First

Chronic constipation is one of the main factors accentuating Lumbago. The patient can get relief from this condition by consuming castor oil early in the morning. The dose is of one teaspoonful in a glass of milk. However, go for the B.P. or I.P. quality of castor oil. It will give him clear motions.

Lumbago Causes and Symptoms

Lumbago is caused by prolonged and severe muscles spasms at the lower back portion.

Another cause of Lumbago is fibrosis.

The most common symptom of Lumbago is a severe back pain. It can affect a particular side of the back or the entire back as well.

The pain can also be accompanied by muscle tenderness.

Who suffers Lumbago most?

Generally, males suffer from Lumbago more than females. More often than not, Lumbago occurs in old age.

Dietary regimen

Such patients should have jawar, bajra and wheat.

Don’t give the patients rice, pulses, fried things and sour food items.

Other important points

  • Quit the sedentary lifestyle;
  • Avoid sitting down in a particular place for more then 15 minutes;
  • Get involved in physical activities;
  • Regularly exercise the pelvic muscles as well as those in the back;
  • Adopt morning and evening walks as habits;
  • Ensure that you do not expose yourself to strain or cold.
  • Never lift heavy weights.

Ayurvedic treatments

The best Ayurvedic medication for Lumbago is prepared from the juice of the Prasarani plant. The drug should be used for at least a month. Prasarani can be used internally and externally as well.

Prasarani preparation process

First, juice of the Prasarani plant is extracted. Mentionably, the leaves of this plant have a typical foetid odour. However, once the leaves are crushed, the odour vanishes.

Then, using a particular pharmaceutical process the juice is boiled with gingelly oil. The warm oil is utilized for massaging the affected portion. Massaging should be done thrice daily.

On the other hand, the patient should drink the juice of Prasarani plant. The dose is of 120 ml. The person should drink the juice thrice daily. One can also add 1/4th teaspoonful of black pepper and a teaspoonful of honey to make the decoction more effective and tastier.

Repeat daily for three months till the pains disappear.

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