Leucorrhea ‘Leukorrhea’ (whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge)

Leucorrhea is also spelt as ‘Leucorrhoea’. Leucorrhea is a female ailment. In this condition, the female genital tract is affected.


Leucorrhea happens due to infection of the female genital tract by some organisms. Moreover, Leucorrhea can also take place due to hormonal and metabolic imbalances.


Leucorrhea is characterised by a discharge from the female genital tract. If there is infection, the discharge usually has a foul odour.

The patient becomes easily irritable;

Digestive disturbances also occur;

The person encounters irregular bowel movements;

The portion around the patient’s eyes develops a black patch. This is the characteristic diagnostic point with reference to the patient.


The consistency of the discharge from the vaginal tract varies from person to person. It depends on a number of factors like the menstrual phase when the infection takes place or the person’s age.


According to Ayurvedic principles, Leucorrhea happens due to the vitiation or predominance of the Kapha Dosha. People who are generally anaemic, emaciated, or weak are prone to Leucorrhea.


Such persons should make it a habit of regularly taking supari (areca nut) immediately after having the major meals. This practice not only prevents the Leucorrhea ailment but also cures the ailment.

The patient suffering from Leucorrhea must not be allowed to remain hungry for a long time.


Such persons should never have curd, pickles and similar other sour food items.

People s suffering from Leucorrhea should also avoid having spicy and fried food.


Mental worries and Leucorrhea go together. Avoid having blues. Keep smiling and happy!

Burning the midnight oil aggravates the condition. So, don’t awake late into the night!

The person must follow hygienic and regular sanitary regimen.

Early morning brisk walk helps the curing process.

The patient suffering from Leucorrhea should regularly practise Pranayama (Yoga breathing exercises) and medication. This brings about peace of mind which aids the recovery process of the patient.

Stay away from sexual intercourse during such phases.


The effective Ayurvedic medications for patients suffering from Leucorrhea are Tandulodaka, Sphatika, Pradarantaka lauha, Lodhra Asava, and Kumari.


Sphatika is alum. Sphatika is used in this condition internally as well as externally. Actually, Sphatika is used with all the other medications to make them doubly effective along with Tandulodaka.

Preparation Process: Fry over fire alum in a vessel. Then grind it to the powdery form. Alum is a good agent for douching.

The Dose: One teaspoonful of Sphatika should be mixed with all the aforementioned medications to make them effective.


Tandulodaka means rice wash. In fact, this ingredient is mixed or given with all the medications prescribed for patients suffering from Leucorrhea.

Tandulodaka expedites the action of the medications and also ensures quick recovery from Leucorrhea.

Tandulodaka all alone is beneficial for the people suffering from Leucorrhea.

The Dose: If a patient suffers from Leucorrhea, regular consumption of a cup of Tandulodaka cures the disease.


Pradarantaka lauha is also to be tendered to the patient along with Tandulodaka. This concoction is an effective Ayurvedic medication for people suffering from Leucorrhea.

Preparation process: Mix 125 mg. of Pradarantaka lauha with an equal amount of Sphatika seasoned with honey.

The Dose: The patient should be given this medication twice daily. However, it should be consumed only on an empty tummy.


Lodhra is another natural ingredient used for douching. The bark of Lodhra is used for this purpose. It is used with alcohol for preparing the concoction. A special Ayurvedic process is used to extract the soluble alcoholic portion of this medication. Several other drugs are added to this soluble extract.

Once the medicine is prepared, it is termed Lodhra Asava.

The Dose: The patient should be given 30 ml. of this decoction mixed with an equal quantity of water twice daily after meals.


Kumari is yet another effective natural herb used for treating this condition. It is grown as hedge in Indian homes. Its flowers are pink in colour. Kumari grows luxuriantly in sandy soil.

Kumari is beneficial in the treatment of genital tract and uterus tissue cells. It also checks formation as well as purging of abnormal fluid from the genital tract.

The juice extracted from the Kumari leaves is ideal medication for toning up the liver, ensuring regular bowel movements and promoting digestion. Further, regular consumption of the juice rectifies the hormonal imbalances. As a consequence thereof, the patient’s genital organs get toned up.

Preparation process: Remove the outer skin of the plant’s leaves. Then use the fleshy pulp to extract the juice.

One can also mix honey with the juice for seasoning the taste.

The Dose: Give the patient 30 ml. of the juice twice daily. It should be consumed only an empty tummy.

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