Hiccups Dietary Regimen, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


The typical natures of hiccups are acute spasmodic sounds in the throat. They are produced by the sudden spasms of the diaphragm and the glottis.

Ayurvedic Interpretation

Hiccups are known as Bikka roga in Ayurvedic terminology. Varied symptoms are involved consequent upon the Doshas involved in causing the ailment.

Dietary Regimen

The patient should be given a diet consisting of only the following items: Lots of garlic (even in the raw form or as a condiment with vegetables); goat’s milk, lemon, radish (the tender ones); patola and old rice.

He/she should also be tendered the soup of the dal kulattha.

What not to eat

Masha, icy or refrigerated food items and heavy or fatty food should never be given to such a patient.

Other important points

The patient needs to be tendered psycho-therapy especially if the ailment is caused by psychoneurotic factors;

He/she should never sleep during the daytime during the wintry season;

However, otherwise bed rest is quite important for the patient;

The patient should abstain from sexual indulgence;

Similarly, he/she should stay away from all forms of physical exercises

Nevertheless, the patient should not deprive himself from natural urges atleast in the normal form.

Ayurvedic Treatment

The commonly prescribed Ayurvedic treatments to patients suffering from this condition are as follows: Sukumara ghrita, Eladi vati; and the ash of peacock feathers.

Sukumara Ghrita

Sukumara ghrita is recommended for the patients who suffer from the disease accompanied by upward alleviation of Vayu.

The Dose : Mix one teaspoonful of Sukumara ghrita with milk and tender the concoction to the patient thrice daily.

Eladi Vati

The primary ingredient of Eladi vati is cardamom. Eladi vati is available across the counter in the tablet (pill) form.

The Dose : The patient should suck a tablet of Eladi vati mixed with honey six times daily.

Ash of peacock feathers

Interestingly enough, Ayurveda prescribes the ash of peacock feathers as the most ideal medication to treat hiccups.

The Dose : The patient should consume 0.125 gram of the ash six times daily.

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