Hematemesis “the vomiting of blood” Causes and Treatment

The vomiting of blood
Hematemesis is termed Rakta vami in Ayurveda. It falls within the group of physical malfunctions called Rakta Pitta.

Hematemesis is not a disease in itself but a symptom of many other ailments. Hematemesis refers to that condition when a patient vomits blood.

Hematemesis is not a disease in itself but a symptom of many other ailments.

Aligned Ailments of Hematemesis

The other ailments bracketed along with Hematemesis are chronic gastric, gastric cancer and gastric ulcer.

Hematemesis Symptoms

The common symptoms of Hematemesis are as follows; the Patient vomits not just blood but also water, mucus and food particles.

Dietary Regimen

The patients should regularly consume amalaki, butter, ghee, milk, pomegranate, and both the ripe as well as the unripe varieties of banana.

Their diet must also include moong dal, old rice and patola.

What not to eat

Such persons must avoid taking spicy and hot food items.

Important Points

The patient must have complete rest.

Ensure that the person concerned is not exposed to heat and the sun.

Home Remedies

To immediately stop bleeding, the patient should be given iced water to drink.

Ayurvedic Treatments

The Ayurvedic treatments for this condition are Pravala pishti, Kushmanda and Amalaki.

Pravala Pishti

Pravala pishti is prepared from coral.

The dose: One gram of Pravala pishti should be mixed with a teaspoonful of honey and tendered thrice daily.


Kushmanda juice is ideal for such patients.

The dose: 30 ml thrice daily.


Amalaki juice is commonly prescribed in this condition.

The dose: 30 ml of the juice thrice daily.

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