Glossitis inflammation or infection of tongue causes & treatment

Glossitis is known in Ayurvedic terminology as Jihvapaka. This condition is characterized by the inflammation of the tongue — particularly of its mucous membrane.


The patient has problems in swallowing food. Ulcers develop in the tongue. It also turns red in colour.


The different causes of Glossitis are various metabolic and gastro-intestinal ailments. Excessive smoking, intake of alcohol, and spicy food are the other causes of the condition.


Make it a habit of drinking a glass of cold water after rising in the morning. It prevents and even cures Glossitis.

During the condition, don’t try to have hard or chewable food items;

Instead, have thin gruel. It can be prepared from custard, arrowroot, barley, and even rice


The patient should be given the following medication regularly during the time he/she suffers from the condition. It needs to be taken twice daily. It not only cures constipation but also reduces inflammation. The medication (especially the turmeric powder) also heals the tongue ulcers.

Preparation procedure: Add approximately half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoonful of sugar (if required for taste) to a cup of hot milk. Mix them well.


Ayurveda recommends alum for curing voice hoarseness.


Alum is known in Ayurveda as Sphatika. This is the most common prescription against hoarseness of voice. It is used for gargling purposes. The powdered and dehydrated alum needs to be mixed with a cup of lukewarm water. The patient should use the concoction to gargle twice daily.

Preparation process: Fry 250 gram of alum in a pan till it gets dehydrated and swollen. Wait till its color changes into white. Then, grind it into the powdery form. Next, add half a teaspoonful of the powder into a cup of warm water. Mix it well, and give the concoction to the patient.

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