Gastritis Types Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

The condition – Gastritis — refers to the inflammation of stomach.

Gastritis according to Ayurveda

Gastritis is known as Urdhvaga amlapitta in Ayurvedic terminology. People possessing the Pattika type of constitution are easily prone to this condition. Constipation aggravates the condition.

Glands & Gastritis

Tummy inflammation adversely affects the glands present in the tummy. These glands play the pivotal role in the digestive process with the enzymes that they secrete. One of the significant digestive enzymes is Hydrochloric Acid.

However, tummy inflammation impairs secretion of these vitally important digestive enzymes. As a result, the patient suffers from indigestion. If the condition is not addressed at the initial stages, it can turn quite acute. Chronic gastritis may lead to various other ailments.

Gastritis Types

Depending on the state of the glands and their mucous membrane as well as the nature of the inflammation, Gastritis has been divided into several types.

Causes of Gastritis

Gastritis can be cause by any or a combination of the following factors. They are irregularity in the intake of meals; tension, anxiety and worries during mealtimes; excessive consumption of spices and chillies.

Symptoms of Gastritis

Gastritis emaciates and weakens the patient.

The condition can also be accompanied by headache, giddiness and nausea.

The person gets easily irritable.

The patient suffers from a burning sensation in the chest. It is caused by the formation of and accumulation of excessive acid within the stomach.

The Gastritis pain intensifies after the person takes any food.

The pain can be gripping if the tummy remains absolutely empty.

Even if the person does not take any food, he/she may experience the pain.

The upper portion of the abdomen will appear tender if external pressure is exerted on that portion.

The patient can experience either false or suppressed appetite.

Purgation: The mean to control the ailment

Purgation is the bets therapy to cure or correct pitta. Urdhvaga amlapitta (Gastritis) is caused by a vitiation of pitta. Cow’s ghee alleviates the condition.

Medicated ghee is an ideal laxative. Regular intake of this food item aids the recovery process.

Dietary Regimen

The best diet for people suffering from gastritis is cow’s milk and old rice (the variety should be preserved for atleast a year);

He/she should be given only cow’s milk (seasoned with sugar);

Besides, the following items should be included in the patient’s menu: Banana flower, pomegranate, white pumpkin, green banana, patola, bitter gourd, cucumber, parched rice, moong dal soup, wheat and barley.

The patient should regularly consume the white variety of pumpkin and coconut. These two ingredients are beneficial for the patient suffering from Gastritis.

What not to eat

Alcoholic drinks must be totally avoided;

Similarly, sour and pungent items like curd should not be taken;

The other food items to be spurned are any types of heavy and spicy food; gram; Kulattha; Masha and Sesame seeds.

Other important things

Morning walks done leisurely for an hour aids the recovery process.

All types of hard work and physical activities should be avoided;

Stay away from mental and physical strain.

Complete rest is a must.

Ayurvedic treatment for Gastritis

There are four effective Ayurvedic medications to cure Gastritis. These are Avipattikara churna, Dhatri lauba, Amalaki, and Sukumara ghritta

Avipattikara Churna

Avipattikara churna is composed with the root-bark of the plant, Trivit. The medication stimulates the liver. It also works as a laxative.

The dose: Two teaspoonfuls of Avipattikara churna at bedtime.

Dhatri Lauba

Dhatri lauba is a compound preparation prescribed to cure constipation. It is composed of Lauba Bhasma mixed with the Amalaki juice.

The dose: One teaspoonful twice daily.

Amalaki Powder

Amalaki powder should be given in a dose of two teaspoonfuls four times daily.

The dose: Two teaspoonfuls four times daily.

Sukumara Ghritta

Sukumara ghritta boosts digestion. At the initial stages, however, a patient may appear to be adversely affecting the digestive power of the patient.

The dose: Two teaspoonfuls mixed with a cup of milk should be consumed twice daily by the patient on an empty tummy.

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  1. Hari om
    i hd long term constipation because of water nd as an effect gas got caused.Gas would come in the back area[both sides of peeth{in hindi}.causing ekcessive pain.satkarma practices gave some relief bt it still persists.whole sthomach area wind walks making gur- gur sounds nd pain in the back area[pulling of nerves]is felt.please suggest some remedy.

  2. I’m suffering from Gastritis for many years and have reflex esophagus. Should I take all the medicines AVIPATTIKARA CHURNA, DHATRI LAUBA, AMALAKI POWDER, SUKUMARA GHRITTA or one or two enough?