Flatulence Gas “excessive stomach or intestinal gas” Causes

Flatulence is known as Adhmana in Ayurvedic terminology. Flatulence refers to distension (enlargement) of the intestines and the stomach due to wind formation.

causes of Flatulence Gas

Flatulence is caused only in the extreme cases of indigestion.

This is because wind is always formed during the digestive process. This normal amount of wind passes out of the body in the shape of flatus (intestinal wind that blows through the anus with or without sound).

However, the tummy and/or intestine swelling syndrome can happen owing to excessive formation and accumulation of such wind in those portions.

The Flatulence Syndrome

During flatulence, the patient experiences insomnia, headache, breathlessness, indigestion, appetite loss, and general discomfort.

Dietary Regimen

The patient should regularly have butter-milk and curd.

What Not To Eat

Don’t drink milk;

Similarly, the person must avoid consuming beans, pulses and any type of fried food items.

Other Important Things

Simply stay away from all forms of tension, anxiety and worry.

Avoid hard labour.

The patient must practise Vajrasana after the major meals.

Ayurvedic Treatments

There are three Ayurvedic medications for patients suffering from flatulence. Depending on the cause, particular medications are prescribed.

Flatulence and Constipation

Flatulence can lead to constipation. In such cases, the patient must have Hingvashtaka churna.

On the other hand, constipation can cause flatulence too. In such instances, the patient can have Kumari asava and/or Hing triguna taila.

Hingvashtaka Churna

Hingvashtaka churna is prescribed in situations where flatulence causes constipation.

The dose: One teaspoonful should be mixed with a teaspoonful of cow’s ghee. The patient should have it twice daily. Each time the dose is completed only when the patient follows it up with hot water.

Kumari Asava

Kumari asava is recommended for patients suffering from flatulence caused by constipation.

The dose: The patient should be given 30 ml each of Kumari asava and water after meal. It should be taken twice daily.

Hing Triguna Taila

Hing triguna taila is medicated oil. It is also prescribed when constipation is diagnosed as the cause for flatulence.

The dose: Two teaspoonfuls of Hing triguna taila needs to be mixed with a cup of warm water. The dose should be consumed once daily only on an empty tummy.

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