Eye Ailments “Style” Causes, Dietary Regimen & Treatment

This vital section the ailments affecting the human eyes has been divided into the following five sub-sections.

(1) Stye;
(2) Myopia; and
(3) Cataract.

Let’s analyze them in details:


This condition commonly termed ‘Stye‘ is characterised by a small tumour(s) on the eyelid(s). Stye is a minor dysfunction of the human visual organs.

Under normal circumstances, a Stye gets cured automatically in about a week’s time. A Stye subsides after the pus gathered within the tumour comes out of it by itself once the tumour suppurates (festers).

Mentionably, a Stye can reappear.


A Stye can appear due to several reasons. The common factors are conjunctivitis, weak constitution, irregular and unhygienic habits and infection in the eyelids.


Such patients must always have those food items which do not cause constipation. Regular movement of bowels is the first condition for early respite from this condition.

People suffering from Stye should have naturally grown vegetables (in the kitchen garden) having a bitter taste like the bitter gourd, drumsticks (of the bitter species).


Never have curd;

Similarly, stay away from fast foods, sour food items and cold drinks.


The patient should not take head bath during this condition;

Don’t get exposed to rain or acutely cold winds;

Try not to strain the eyes by reading or working on the computer or watching the TV.

Don’t drive.

Avoid the sun for quick relief. If you have to go out at all during the daytime, wear sun-glasses (preferably dark goggles) to shield the glare of the sunlight.

Take a mouthful of water and splash water in quick succession on the eyes several times during the day.

Avoid staying awake late into the night or burning the midnight oil.


Ayurvedic treatment proceeds on a two-pronged theory. First, this process concentrates on regularising the bowel movements of the patient. Hence, they are given Triphala powder to cure constipation.

The most effective and commonly Ayurvedic medication to treat Stye is Chandrodaya Varti.


Chandrodaya Varti is a collyrium (a medication for the eye; in India the commonly used collyrium is ‘Kajal’). It prevents relapse of Stye.

Chandrodaya Varti can be identified buy its typical shape. Its ends are tapered. The shape is round and shaped like a rod.

Preparation process: Rub Chandrodaya Varti dipped in honey on a plate. The resultant mixture is the collyrium.

Usage method : Gently apply the mixture over the eyes.

Note : Application of Chandrodaya Varti causes a bit of irritation in the eyes. As a result, there is watering from the eyes. However, the irritation and the watering syndrome disappear in about 10 minutes.


Triphala is an ideal natural purgative medication.

The Dose : One teaspoonful mixed in a cup of lukewarm milk. The patient should have it at bedtime.

Alternative means: Keep overnight a teaspoonful of the Triphala powder in a tumberful of water. Next morning, squeeze or filter out the liquid. Use the liquid as the medication. The filtered out water is used for washing the eyes.

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