Cramps ‘muscle overshortening or contraction’ Causes & Treatment

The typical condition — Cramps — refers to that state when a group of muscles or a voluntary muscle develops a sudden and painful but an involuntary contraction. Cramps are often painful,  unpleasant sensations caused by muscle overshortening or contraction. The common causes of skeletal muscle cramps are muscle fatigue and a sodium imbalance. Smooth muscle cramps may be due to menstruation or Gastroenteritis.

Causes of cramps

  • Cramps may be caused due to excessive physical exercises.
  • Such a condition may also appear if a person suddenly stands up after sitting down for a long time or vice versa.
  • At times, dietary factors may also play a major role in causing cramps.
  • Too much consumption of rough and dry food items over a long period can also lead to cramps.
  • Some medicines are also known to cause cramps.

Ayurvedic Explanation

Ayurveda terms ‘Cramps‘ as Mamsagata vayu. And, if the condition is confined to the calf muscles, it is called Pindikodveshtana.

According to Ayurvedic principles, our body is controlled by the five Vayus. On the other hand, our voluntary muscles as well as the cerebro-spinal nervous system are regulated by the Vyana Vayu.

If for some reasons some of the metabolic wastes get deposited between the muscle tissues and the nerve-endings, this state is known as Ama. During that process, cramps take place.

Actually, these metabolic wastes should in the normal course of activity get out in the natural processes like including the stool, urine, and sweat among others. But due to some physical disorders, they fail to get purged. During such abnormal situations, these wastes start circulating within the body. This syndrome creates abnormal situations in our physiology. As a result, many ailments affect our bodies. In abnormal situations, these wastes can also get deposited in different parts of the body. Those parts that have the accumulated wastes get the cramps.

Mentionably, cramps can also be a symptom of other diseases.

Dietary Regimen

Such patients should have vegetables like patola, asafoetida and garlic on a regular basis. These food items are very beneficial for the patients suffering from cramps.

They can also have sour as well as sweet food items.

What not to eat

  • Avoid astringent as well as pungent food items;
  • Similarly, stay away from rough and dry items;
  • Remember not to consume cold food items – liquid as well as solid food items;
  • Don’t have pulses as they aggravate Vayu.


  • Such patients should not sleep during the daytime;
  • Create such a situation so that the patient stays awake at nights;
  • Ensure that the patient does not encounter situations or environments that lead to nervous tension, anger, anxiety, worry;
  • Suppression of natural urges also causes cramps;
  • The patient should not be exposed to sudden changes in environmental temperatures, rain or cold wind.
  • Excessive or over fasting can also cause cramps.

Constipation Delays Recovery

Constipation is such a condition when all ailments linger. Even the medications fail to have the optimum effect on the patient suffering from constipation. This is true with respect to cramps as well. Hence, it is of utmost necessity that the constipation conditions are cured totally as early as possible.

Moreover, it has been found that patients suffering from cramps also suffer from constipation. For such condition, one should have Simhanada guggulu.

Simhanada Guggulu

Simhanada guggulu should be taken even for at least a week even after constipation is cured.

The dose: Four tablets thrice daily. The patient must follow the dosage with hot milk for optimum benefits.

Caster Oil

If the patient does not get relief from constipation, he/she should be tendered castor oil.

The dose: One teaspoonful twice daily. Depending on the person’s constitution, the dose of castor oil can be increased.

Ayurvedic Treatments

The most effective Ayurvedic treatment is massaging. The Ayurvedic medication in such conditions is Mahanarayana taila.

Regular Massaging Must

Such people should be given regular and daily massages of the affected parts. Massaging corrects Vyana Vayu.

Mahanarayana Taila

Mahanarayana taila is medicated oil. This oil needs to be massaged over the entire body of the patient once daily before bathing.

During the wintry season, Mahanarayana taila should be warmed up before applying it to the patient’s body. It should be applied before taking bath.

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