Burning Sensation while Urinating Causes And Treatment

The person concerned experiences a burning sensation while urinating. It can also assume the form of a pain. The burning sensation arises in the urinary tract.

Causes Of Burning Sensation while Urinating

There are many causes for this typical syndrome. Among the common reasons for such a syndrome are the following: Concentred urine especially in the summer season; Presence of stone(s) in the bladder located in the urinary passage; prostate enlargement or various forms of venereal ailments like gonorrhoea.

Symptoms Of Burning Sensation while Urinating

The patient experiences the burning sensation at two stages: either after urination or while urinating. It can happen both during the daytime as well as in the nights.

It can also be accompanied by fever, bleeding, stoppage of urine or discharge of pus from the urethra.

Immediate Relief Means

One can get immediate but temporary relief from the syndrome by drinking any natural alkaline liquids. One can also opt for plain drinking water.

Dietary Regimen

The patient should consume leafy vegetables.

Such a person should also have milk; ghee prepared from cow’s milk; and rice.

He/she must regularly have lots of fresh and raw fruits. Mention may be made of plums, peaches, grapes, and apples.

Juices are beneficial for such patients. They should be regularly given juices prepared from sugarcane, pineapple, orange, lemon and coconut.

Have the patient drink as much of hygienic water as much as possible.

What to Avoid

Totally avoid spicy food items.

Other Regimen

The syndrome is common mainly in the summer season. It is also accompanied by heat stroke. So, prior to moving out in the summer season drink at least two glasses of green mango syrup. It is prepared by boiling two-three fresh green mangoes. Add one teaspoonful of sugar to a large glass of the syrup.

One can also daily drink three glasses of water mixed with molasses (gur) early in the summer mornings.

Jamun is also another prescribed fruit to avoid Nephritis and heat stroke.

Notes Of Caution

Normal perspiration is good for the body. However, excessive perspiration has a negative effect on the entire physical network. It takes away lots of water from the body. In such circumstances, the urine assumes a concentrated form. As a result, the patient experiences irritation in the urinary tract while passing the urine. This gives rise to the burning sensation. Hence, the patient should not be allowed to venture out into the sun or be exposed to excessive heat.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda has two effective medicines to cure Nephritis. These are Suvarna vasanta malati and Punarnava mandoora.

Suvarna Vasanta Malati

Ayurvedic medications for this syndrome are of three types. One is prepared from vegetables, the other is manufactured from animal products while the third is made from alcohol.

Vegetarian Medication: The four main vegetarian Ayurvedic medications are prepared from various combinations of Shilajatu, Ushira, Chandan and Gokshura. Hence, the patients experiencing burning sensation in their urinary tract while urinating are tendered Chandra probha vati and Gokshuradi guggulu. These tablets (pills) are ideal as curative as well as preventive means.

The antiseptic actions of these medications become active while they are eliminated through the urinary tract.

The dose: Depending on the seriousness of the disease, the patient should consume two tablets three to four times daily.

Non-Vegetarian Medicine: The commonly prescribed non-vegetarian Ayurvedic medicine is Pravala. In fact, Pravala cures burning sensation in all parts of the body.

Patients suffering from the chronic cases are given Pravala in the powdery form.

Preparation mode: Pravala is grinded into powder after it is mixed with rose water.

The dose: Mix 0.5 gm. of the Pravala powder in a cup of warm milk. The patient should drink the brew twice daily.

ALCOHOLIC DRUGS: The main Ayurvedic medications prepared from alcohol are Ushirasava and Chandanasava. Both act as antiseptics in the geneto-urinary tract.

The dose: The patient should have six teaspoonfuls of either concoction mixed with equal quantities of water twice daily.

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