Ayurvedic Treatment For Migraine! know the causes & symptoms


Ayurvedic Medicine for treating Migraine

1. Suvarna Sutashekhara

This is the most commonly prescribed Ayurvedic drug for treating migraine. It is not just a preventive but also a curative means.

Ingredients: Many items are used to prepare this medication. These elements are borax and sulphur in the ‘bhasma’ form, sulphur, copper, gold and mercury.

Moreover, 10 medicinal plants and drugs (extracted from animal sources) are added to the mixture.

Besides, two other strong drugs (which are poisonous in their raw forms) – Dhatura and Vatsanabha – are processed to make them not only potent but also pure. After processing, these two drugs are made free from having any side effects on a patient.

All of these are mixed in definite ratios. To this mixture is added Bhringaraja juice.

Dose: It is given in the dose of 125 milligram twice daily. The medication is to be taken with milk.

2. Godanti Bhasma

This is a rather inexpensive but effective Ayurvedic medication for patients suffering from migraine.

Dose: It is given in the dose of one gram thrice daily. The medication is to be taken with honey.

3. Shadbindu Taila

This Ayurvedic medicated oil is quite effective in treating migraine. This medication irritates the nasal mucous membrane. However, it effects instant relief.

Ingredient : This drug is to be taken with mustard oil.

Dose : Only six drops are to be taken in each nostril daily and till the symptoms persist.

4. Anu Taila

Proper use of this oil brings about instant relief to acute and chronic migraine instances.

This medicated oil needs to be inhaled deeply to induce forced sneezing. It removes the nasal blockages from the sinuses and their passages. The nerves in the nasal routes are soothed.

Even as the mental strain is removed, the heaviness in the head is also relieved. The patient will be able to sleep soundly. Above all, there are no side effects.

Ingredients : It is prepared from 26 medicinal plants. The definite proportions of these plants are then boiled in goat’s milk and gingelly oil.

Dose : One needs to drop at least 15 drops of this oil in each nostril to induce sneezing. This medicated oil needs to be inhaled at least thrice daily.

5. Means to tackle Constipation, Nausea & Indigestion

Constipation : Patients suffering from migraine generally complain of constipation. If such a symptom is diagnosed, immediately take steps to cure it.

Prescription: Regularly drink at bedtime one teaspoon of Triphala powder mixed with a cup of hot milk.

Nausa & Indigestion: More often than not, prior to having the migraine pain the patients experience nausea. This happens mainly because of indigestion. Indigestion precipitates migraine.

Forced vomiting : The best way to get instant relief from the migraine pain is vomiting. Ayurveda also recommends that in such situations, the patient must vomit. What is more, even if the patient does not have the nauseating sensation, Ayurveda prescribes forced vomiting.

The technique :The patient must drink as much water as possible. Normally, 10 large glasses of lukewarm water should suffice. Add a teaspoon of salt to each glassful of water.

To induce forced vomiting, make the patient sit down on his/her haunches with the body weight balanced on the legs. Then, the patient should insert the index and middle finger of the right hand deep inside his/her throat. Simultaneously, put pressure deep inside the tummy. This will aid the forced vomiting process. After successful vomiting, gargle and wash your face. The migraine pain will disappear.

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