Ayurveda Drug Classification

Ayurveda drugs are manufactured from different naturally available raw materials. They can be classified into three categories, viz., material, animal and vegetable.

For convenience sake, the Ayurveda medications can be divided into the following five classifications: ‘Hereditary & Patented’; ‘Extraordinary’; ‘Effective but Toxic’; ‘Non-Toxic’; and ‘Technically Verified’.

Hereditary & Patented Ayurvedic Drugs

Under this classification, those Ayurvedic drugs are included whose preparation formulae are now known to only some families of Ayurvedic physicians. The formulae are closely guarded secrets of some members of those families. Several of these Ayurvedic drugs are quite effective against certain ailments.

The Extraordinary Ayurvedic Drugs

Some Ayurvedic medications are deemed extraordinary since they are used in only certain portions of India. These drugs are not available extensively.

Effective but Toxic Ayurvedic Medications

The treasure trove of Ayurveda also includes very effective medications but which are toxic in nature. Hence, these drugs are recommended in acute cases.

For instance, the Ayurvedic drug ‘Bhallatakavaleha’ prepared from the natural ingredient ‘Bhallataka’ is effective in treating various obstinate and chronic skin diseases. But if one uses them indiscriminately, one may suffer from its toxic after effects.

Non-toxic Ayurvedic Effective Medicines

These Ayurvedic medicines are effective and also characteristically non-toxic. Many medications – typically Ayurvedic — have become quite popular globally not just due to their therapeutic qualities but also because they are absolutely non-toxic.

Mention may be made of Chyavanaprash which is typically beneficial for patients suffering from different lung ailments like bronchitis. The main ingredient of Chyavanaprash is the natural fruit known in India as ‘Amalaki’. These drugs do not produce side-effects.

Yogaraja guggulu

Technically Effective Ayurvedic Drugs

In today’s age of science and technology, several Ayurvedic drugs have been analyzed in modern laboratories. The claims of efficacy of those Ayurvedic medicines have been thus buttressed through clinically done tests.

Two of such Ayurvedic medications are ‘Yogaraja guggulu’ (recommended for rheumatic patients and ‘Sarpagandha’ (quite effective in controlling high blood pressure).

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